Okay, I’ll admit it, I will shamelessly say this purchase was definitely influenced by a massive hype in the beauty community and the fact Kylie Jenner is a fan  of Nip+Fab (supposedly). If it’s good enough for Kylie, it’ll be more than good for me, right?

A few months ago I decided I needed to try out some new skincare because honestly, I was bored. I had heard so many amazing things about Nip+Fab in general but I was particularly drawn to the glycolic range, so I finally decided to give in and try a few of their products. Quick tip: Superdrug is the best place to get the products as they always have amazing half price offers or 3 for 2 so keep your eye out!


The range claimed to improve skin texture, resurface the skin and create the appearance of  a brighter complexion. My skin is overall quite dry and I often find scrubs helpful in smoothing out my skin and it makes my makeup look so much better, I obviously deemed this range more than adequate as at this point I felt my skin needed all the help it could get.

I took the plunge and bought 3 of the products from the range and decided to force myself into a routine of using them. The first being the cleanser and I am honestly so impressed. Don’t get me wrong, where spots are concerned I still get the odd terrible breakout in my problem area (being my chin) but the rest of my face is so much clearer and smoother! I apply the cleanser with my hands and it works into the skin nice and leaves me feeling cleansed and refreshed.

I aim to use the exfoliator 2 or 3 times a week and it really is great at smoothing out my dry skin, the same goes for the cleansing pads I like to use to make me feel fresh and glowy.

All my opinions on these products are absolutely my own and I wanted to share them because I have became obsessed with the range and I am desperate to try some more out!

Read up on the products I mentioned here!

Thank you for reading!

Abigail x

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  1. aletheatrnt says:

    I really want to try these!😍 💕


    1. abigailhowey says:

      Honestly so worth it, I really want to try the other products from the range! x

      Liked by 1 person

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