So, I thought it was only appropriate for my first post to be a ‘facts about me’ post because it’s a good way to start my blog. I found it really hard thinking about things that were what I deemed as interesting but I did however manage to come up with 10.

1. My full name is Abigail Rebecca Howey

I can’t help but cringe every time someone calls me Abigail Rebecca and when I was younger I got it into my head that my names didn’t go together and I would never tell anyone my middle name.

2. My birthday is the 17th February.

I’m currently 17 and my 18th birthday could not come quick enough!

3. I live in the North East of England

Somewhere, deep down, I love it really.  But I have lots of ambition to move away as I just can’t see myself living here forever

4. I LOVE to travel

My parents have always had a love for travelling and got me into it from a very young age. There is nothing I love more than going on holiday and experiencing new things!


5. My fave place is Dubai

Theres something I love so much about Dubai and I’ve actually been 5 times and I’m heading there again after my birthday! Definitely a must visit

6. I have a Weimaraner called Bailey

He’s currently 9 weeks old and the absolute love of my life, I’m so obsessed with him!


7. I am forever instagramming

Follow me @abigailhowey

8. I have a massive spending problem

I literally never have spare money because I am always spending on stuff that I want (and I tell myself I need)

9. My biggest fear is being in a plane crash

Considering how much I love travelling, I have a massive fear of something going wrong.

10. My nanna is my favourite person on Earth


I hope this post gave a small bit of insight into my life after all that rambling,  I had lots of fun making it!

Abigail x


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  1. cedricramey says:

    Great post! You inspired me to try a similar post like this.


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